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Our physical location and mailing address are the same:

Hauser Lake FPD & VFD
10728 N Hauser Lake Rd
Hauser, ID 83854
Phone/Fax (208) 773-1174

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Department Calendar

Click here to open the HLVFD calendar. A password is required to make edits to the calendar but anyone can view it. Please direct any questions to Chief Simms.

Public Monthly Meetings at the Fire Station

Fire Department Meetings

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Events and Trainings

Fire fighters with the Hauser Lake Fire Department participate in ongoing training to keep them ready and able to protect the community. Thanks to the volunteers who take pictures at the trainings and events and share them us.

Click here for photos of trainings and other events posted online showing the progressive, well-trained fire fighters of the Hauser Lake Fire Department in action!

Photo by John BelangerWelcomeClick for history

Welcome to the Website of the Hauser Lake Fire Protection District and Hauser Lake Volunteer Fire Department (HLFD) in Hauser, Idaho.

Hauser Lake is located in the Northern panhandle of Idaho. Click here to view in Google Maps.

Department Honors and Recognition

At the banquet celebrating 2013 service, several members of the fire department were honored with awards. An individual can receive what is called the D&D, or Dedication & Devotion Award. The D&D can be awarded to anyone associated with the Department, including Auxiliary members, Commissioners and so on. Only firefighters are eligible to receive Firefighter of the Year.

Scott Weston

Retirees Scott Weston (above) and Ken Birge (below) were honored for their years of service.

Ken Birge
John Belanger - FireFighter of the Year 2013
John Belanger received the
Firefighter of the Year Award for 2013

(Banquet photos courtesy of John Belanger)

John Mobbs - Dedication and Devotion Award 2013

With 40 years of service, John Mobbs
was honored with the D&D Award for

The following individuals have been recognized as Firefighter of the Year (or Volunteer of the Year):

The Dedication and Devotion Award (D&D) was started in 2009 and has been awarded to the following members:

Two valued fire fighters retired in 2013. At the banquet, Ken Birge and Scott Weston were honored for their many years of service.

HLFD receives $5000 grant, thanks to Chief SimmsHauser Lake Receives $5000 Grant!

Chief Larry Simms has applied for and won another grant to benefit our district and the whole county! Here, Larry has just received the $5000 check. This grant is for a county-wide purchase of pagers for a new paging system going online this year. It will be combined with a grant from the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security for the same purpose. The grant will assist the agencies in Kootenai County with the purchase of over 300 pagers.

Other Grants Received by Hauser Lake FD

By Chief Simms

Hauser Lake Fire has received three grants from the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security, with the assistance of the Kootenai County Office of Emergency Management, totaling $17,000. The grants allowed us to purchase three additional radios and two expensive diagnostic devices.

It is particularly gratifying that we are able to receive these grants and provide better service to our residents and make our responders safer and more efficient. Funding for these grants comes from the Federal government so this is an example of our citizens’ tax dollars being put to use at home.


Permits are required for burning until October 20, after which no permit is needed. For more information on burning in Hauser Lake, click here.

Volunteers, we need you!

We are in need of a few good men and women who would like to become firefighters and help their community during emergencies. This can be a demanding position but one of the most rewarding. You will receive training in all aspects of firefighting and as an Emergency Medical First Responder or EMT. If you’re retired, we want you. If you’re a career person, we want you. If you’re a stay at home parent, we want you. If you live in the Hauser Lake area and would like to give back to your community, please contact us at the fire station (773-1174) or talk to any firefighter.

If you’re not interested in being a firefighter or EMT, the Hauser Lake Fire Auxiliary might be a great way for you to still help out and support the fire department. The fire auxiliary hosts our open house, helps with various projects around the station, and supports the firefighters during a fire by providing food and drinks to the firefighters. For more information, contact Lisa at 773-3067.

The HLFD Mission and Vision statements are posted at the fire station

HLFD Mission Statement

The Hauser Lake FPD is a dedicated volunteer organization serving our community through fire suppression and prevention, emergency medical response, and excellent community service.

HLFD Vision Statement

We are committed to providing a superior level of emergency service that continually improves the quality of life, health and safety of the people who live and work in our community.